Anti-Ageing Environ hand manicure

Environ has a unique inproduct that will help to deminish fine lines and age spots on the hands.

You may also purchase this product to continue for home use at £50.00.


Anti-Ageing hand treatment with manicure 75mins £45.00

As an add on treatment such as a facial  £15.00



Microdermabrasion Anti-Ageing Hand Manicure with red light therapy

As well as enjoying a designed manicure, we can also give you the benefit of using medical grade microdermabrasion on the hands to help diminish age spots, hyperpigmentation and hand wrinkles.      

75 mins  £45.00                                                                                                     



Microdermabrasion Anti-Aging Hand Treatment (without manicure) with red light therapy

Course of 6 treatments for maximum benefit                                                   

Per treatment  £25.00