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Permanent Cosmetics  /  Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Mrs Teresa Millership BASC
Leading Certified Permanent Cosmetic Specialist 
Specialising in Micropigmentation from 2001

USA  -  Brussels  -  Harley Street


Apologies but as from June 2019 I am not able to except anymore cosmetic clients for permanent make-up as my client capacity is full.  However if you are seeking eyebrow procedure due to pending cancer treatment, please call direct and I will try to help you.

I have left some information on this page to help with your research on permanent cosmetics.

Kindest Regards,

Teresa Millership 

Permanent Make-up is a procedure that implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to create long lasting eyebrows, eyeliners and lip enhancements.  Treatment is in accordance to strict health and safety protocols using single use sterile needle cartridges.


Semi-Permanent Make-up or Permanent Make-up?

These two representations of the treatment are both correct; ‘however’, Pigment (colour) is created by refined particles (sub molecules) which are implanted into the skin to the depth of roughly 0.5mm. 

From approximately 12 to 18 months post treatment the pigment colour in your skin will start to fade.  Fading occurs from day to day exposure of UVA which bleaches the pigment.  We experience UVA exposure every day form natural sunlight (summer or winter), lap top screens, television etc.    With this loss of colour in the skin, the treatment gained the term “Semi”-Permanent Make-up.

However, although the colour has faded in the skin, the molecules that carried the colour are still in the skin hence the term “Permanent”. The molecules do no harm and you would never know that they are there. 


Who would benefit from Permanent Make-Up procedures?


  • Little or no brow hair – Alopecia, chemotherapy, thyroid of medical hair loss sufferers are pleasantly surprised at how natural the cosmetic effects are

  • Those who seek asymmetrical correction of facial features

  • Sparse or light lashes

  • Chemotherapy patients benefit form SP Make-up before or after treatment

  • Allergies to conventional make-up

  • Wears contact lenses

  • Visual impairment

  • Hay Fever and watery eyes

  • Doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians who cannot wear conventional make-up in sterile enclosures                

  • Athletic people, swimmers and those with oily skin who tend to shed make-up easily

  • Unsteady or arthritic hands from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease etc.

  • Scars resulting from accidents, trauma or surgery

  • A desire to always look their best

  • Anyone who desires a natural enhancement and to give freedom from the daily application of conventional make-up

eyeliner permanent Make-up

Eyeliner From a soft, natural-looking enhancement to a more defined line, the choice is yours.   Permanent eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colours.  Whatever look you choose, you can wake up, shower, work, swim and go to bed always looking your best.   The perfect colour will be designed just for you.       Top OR Bottom £295.00   Top & Bottom £395.00

Eyeliner & Shadow Permanent Make-Up

Eyeliner & Shadow Once you have your liner, you may wish to add a little colour above it.  This can give the impression of wearing an eye shadow and also help to  bring  out the colour of your eyes.         £475.00 

Eyelash Enhancement Perrmanent Make - Up

Eyelash Enhancement This treatment is popular with men and women with sparse or fair lashes.  Pigment is implanted in between the lashes on the lash line. This gives a natural definition to the lash.       £325.00            

Lip Enhancement -  Re-Shape & Blend, Full Lip.  As we age our vermilion boarder naturally migrates. This procedure will  help to re-shape, balance and enhance the natural lip.                                                     

Re-Shape & Blend £425.00    Full Lip Colour  £500.00

Trauma Lip Re-balance  This patient suffered a dog attack, the right top vemilion boarder was lost. This is a good example of how this procedure can help to re-balance shape and fullness. 

Eyebrow Enhancement   Alopecia, chemotherapy, thyroid / medical hair loss sufferers are pleasantly surprised at how natural the cosmetic effects are. Natural hair simulation or soft powder brows can bring facial asymmetrical and balance.      £395.00

Scars in Eyebrows   Hair simulation can effectively camouflage scars in brows.          

From £175.00 

Correction Work   Correction work is undertaken in confidence                          

From £200.00

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