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VeinWave treatment is minimally invasive. The nickel needles are insulated with a micro sheath so as not to cause advert trauma to the surrounding tissue. The effect of the treatment is 'instant' - you see the veins disappearing immediately. Some patients leave the treatment without any real visible sign on the skin, other than the lack of veins, and some with more sensitive skin may suffer minor reddening which should disappear within a few days if not hours. The sensation to most is similar to a warm pin prick, others relate it to a minor sting but which does not linger - often it depends upon the location of the treatment. Either way, any discomfort is said to be incomparable to the pain of some laser based treatments.   

Immediately after the treatment you can resume everyday activities. Avoid the sun for a couple of days or use sun block with a UVB in it.  After a few days, very small micro-crusts like the marks from a cat scratch can appear where VeinWave has been applied. This is normal and no special care is needed. These will disappear on their own. It is best not to retreat an area for 4 to 6 weeks, at this time I will be able to see if any small veins remain.



Once a thread vein has been successfully treated it cannot come back.  



Treatment cannot be received if you have self-tanned skin.  VeinWave can be used on any part of the body including face, legs & feet.  The treatment is for both men and women.                                                


15 min treatment     £55.00    



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